Teresa Thomas Bohannon, Author Biography

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Teresa Thomas Bohannon has a Master's Degree in history and is the author of the recently published Regency Romance novel, A Very Merry Chase. She is also a former model and trained Storyteller who has hosted Saturday Night Horror Movies as Vampy Belle and related history and legends about precious and semi-precious gemstones for a home shopping channel dedicated to fine collectibles, where she was known as The Queen of the Gemstone Dungeon. In 1995 Teresa founded one of the first female owned and operated, independent web design firms in the country, a vocation she particularly enjoyed because it not only allowed her to work with computers and graphics, but also to be paid for doing that which she loved most of all--playing with words in a brave new world! Teresa currently maintains several blogs including LadySilk's Regency Romance Revival and Contraindicated - Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis. In addition, she serves as a guest author for Evan Carmichael's Expert Advice Blog For Entrepreneurs.
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